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45 RMP Club

Re: 45 RMP Club

Postby johnkelly730 » Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:41 pm

PJK wrote:
johnkelly730 wrote:So "Liars on Fire" was an acoustic version of "Desire" and "Making Whoopee" was that new song that was posted in the news section of the forum as "Halloween". Interesting that they used different names for these recordings.

Very strange.

This was the explanation they sent later:
"We provided file names not titles; please rename them with the respective song titles of "Desire - acoustic - 2012" for 'Liars' and "Halloween - 2012" for 'Making W'. They were named this way to prevent internet searches from finding them. We realize that there are many different ways that people store and listen to music and this method of distribution was chosen to cover the majority."

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